Protecting Your Home When You Are Out-Of-Town

We know that 2020 out-of-town trips might look a little different this summer. We also know that you’re concerned about your safety while you’re gone. But if you do have a trip planned, don’t forget to implement proper measures to protect your home while you’re away. 

Other than the obvious security measures you could take (like installing security systems and motion sensor lights), we’ve put together a few easy homeowner tips and tricks for you to help keep your home safe while you’re away:

COLLECT THOSE HIDDEN KEYS – Sorry to break it to you, but that fake rock that you keep your spare key in isn’t fooling anyone. So it’s best to give your spare to a trusted neighbor or family member. I know you thought that leaving it under the welcome mat would fool us all, but better safe than sorry! 

DON’T LET YOUR MAILBOX GIVE YOU AWAY – Stop mail and newspaper deliveries, or have them regularly picked up by a neighbor. You wouldn’t want to easily clue in a burglar to your absence by the mounting newspapers on your doorstep.

KEEP THE LAWN TRIMMED – Nothing says “Hey burglar, I’m not home” like an unkempt yard.

POST YOUR SELFIES LATER – Might not be the greatest idea to notify the social media world that you’re away from your home and camping out in North Dakota for two weeks. Hold on to those selfies and post them once you’re home.

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