Five Questions To Ask Your Agent

Are you asking your agent the right questions? Here is a list of what you should bring up with your agent.

1. Why Real Estate?
Is this agent passionate about helping people and in love with the challenges of an ever changing real estate market? Or are they simply working this job part-time to make some extra income? Look for drive and passion when it comes to their business, and I guarantee that that’s what they’ll deliver in service to you.  

2. What Is Your Greatest Strength?
It’s the age old question… “Why should I work with you?” Ask what this agent is doing differently and more effectively than anyone else out there. What makes them special and what helps them close deals?  

3. What’s The Plan?
Ask how they plan to execute your vision and goals. You deserve to hear how they plan on getting you the best results in TODAY’s market. Do they have a team in place? Do they have a proven system? Get the statistics and the game plan straight from the source.  

4. Who Do You Know?
“Great” agents don’t stand alone. They are backed with a team of experts that can tackle every aspect of a transaction. Ask the agent who their recommended vendors are. (Lender’s, Title Companies, Inspectors, Attorney’s, Maintenance Crews, etc). 

5. Where Are The Reviews?
While online, you wouldn’t even choose between two blenders without looking at their testimonials, right? Lean into the recommendations & reviews of the agent’s past clients to help you make a well informed decision.  

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