Homeowner Tip – Reverse Ceiling Fans

Now that we are turning on our heat, don’t forget to reverse your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise! This helps circulate the air in your home better, and can also have energy saving effects.

Flipping that tiny switch on your fan changes the direction your fan is rotating. It is best to have your fan running clockwise when using heat and counterclockwise when running your AC. Using a fan to help circulate air can be especially beneficial in rooms with vaulted ceilings, or rooms that tend to stay warmer or cooler than others.

A clockwise fan rotation pushes cool air up and pulls warm air down, allowing the room to heat more evenly. You also want your fan to be set on the lowest speed, which prevents wind chill, and remember to turn the fan off when you’re not using the room. Utilizing a fan to help circulate warm air can also sometimes result in energy savings.

You don’t need to utilize this trick as suggested- you can always use the switch whenever you want a room to be warmer or cooler. Just remember that a clockwise rotation will push warm air down, and a counterclockwise rotation will push cool air down.

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