FREE Estate Planning Webinar

The Ryan Reynolds Team is sponsoring a free estate planning webinar with Columbus’s top estate planning attorney, Elliott Feldman, esq., MBA from The Reel Law Firm.

Whether you are one of the nearly 50% of Americans over 55 who does not have an estate plan in place or you have an estate plan that hasn’t been reviewed in the last 3 years, then you will want to attend this webinar!

Join us live on Thurs., May 20, 2021, 7pm-8pm, for an eye-opening online webinar where you will discover how to make sure you have an estate plan in place that will actually work when your family needs it.

After a little negotiation, we got Elliott to agree that he would give our clients an exclusive bonus gift, worth $1,000, of estate planning legal services at no charge, but it’s only for those of you who attend and stick around until the end of Elliott’s live webinar :).

Click Here To Register For The Webinar:

Attend from the comfort of your own home or office; all you need to do is add in your details, and check your email after registering as you’ll be receiving a Zoom Video registration link you’ll need to click to join the webinar on Thurs., May 20, 2021, 7pm-8pm. 

On This Webinar You Will Learn From Elliott:

(1) Why your family Needs an Estate Plan more than ever in 2020

(2) Why most Estate Plans fail and how you can make sure your plan actually works when your family needs it to the most.

(3) How you can ensure your children’s inheritance will NEVER be taken from them in a future divorce, lawsuit, or bankruptcy.

(4) Why Naming Long Term Guardians alone is NOT enough to protect your minor kids.

Please bring any burning questions about creating the right estate plan for your family or questions about the current estate plan you have to this webinar as Elliott will love to help get your questions answered so you know how to get a plan in place.

Click Here To Register For The Webinar:

You’re welcome to pass this information along to your own parents, or your friends who are parents and/or grandparents like you, who may not even be aware that their family’s estate plan may be at risk of not actually working. Reserve your seat first since only 100 seats are available on Zoom!

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