Homeowner Tip – Humidifying Your Home

Is your home overly dry this winter? Here are some quick tips to add moisture to your air!

  1. Buy a humidifier!
  2. Add live plants to your décor. They will absorb water through their roots, but some is evaporated back out through their leaves.
  3. Decorate using flower vases and place them in sunlight. The water in the vases will evaporate, adding moisture to the air.
  4. Place small bowls of water on top of vents and radiators.
  5. Boil water on the stovetop.
  6. Create a fan humidifier: You’ll need a drinking glass, a skewer to rest across the top of the glass, a sponge or cloth, some water and a small fan.
    For a sponge wick: Insert the skewer through the very top of the sponge, and then lower the sponge into the glass or container. The skewer can hold the sponge in place.
    For a cloth wick: Balance the skewer across the lip of the container, fold the cloth in half, and then drape the cloth over the skewer into the glass or container.
    Fill the glass or container with water until the lower portion of the cloth or sponge is immersed. As time passes, the water will evaporate from the surface of the water in the bowl and from the surface of the wet cloth or towel.
    Place a fan behind the entire setup and turn it to low. You want the air flow to be facing towards the center of the room, so that the water vapor circulates back into the home.

Adding more moisture to the air will help with skin and scalp dryness and help with asthma and allergies. What do you do in your home to humidify it?

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