Homeowner Tip – Inspect Your Gutters And Roof

March is the perfect time to inspect your gutters and roof before spring rains!

Check your gutters for debris and leaks, as well as making sure your gutters are secured to your home. Using a ladder, inspect gutters thoroughly and scoop leaves and sticks out. You can flush smaller debris with a hose, keeping an eye on your gutters for any leaks. If you find that the water is not flushing out of the downspout, you may have a clog – use a strong spray of water to remove any clogged debris. You can also use a plumber’s snake to break up the debris. Your gutter should slightly slope towards the downspout, so check your spikes or gutter hangers to make sure none are loose or missing. You can easily relocate spikes or hangs to fix sloping issues. You’ll also want to check for any space between the gutter and your home. Spikes or hangers can loosen over time, and may require resecuring or replacement. You’ll also want to check sealant – remove old sealant and reseal to help with any leaks along seams or end caps.

Check your roof for piles of leaves, moss and algae. Moss will soak up moisture, posing a threat to your roof – you can easily apply moss killer and brush the moss away. You’ll also want to check for missing or damaged shingles and inspect any flashing. Replace any damaged or misshapen shingles, and make sure none of the flashing is damaged or corroded. It is also a good idea to check your attic, especially after a heavy rain, for any signs of leakage. Check for moisture, mold or rot. If you do see any water damage, it may be time to fix your leaky roof. It is a good rule of thumb to check your roof twice a year.

Did you inspect your gutters and roof and notice significant damage that you would like a professional to evaluate? Reach out to us today if you need vendor suggestions.

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