Homeowner Tip: Electrical Safety While Working From Home

Do you work from home or have a home office? See below for some safety steps to keep you and your home safe from electric hazards.

Wherever you call your work space – it’s always important to be safe.

  1. Avoid overloading your outlets.
  2. Be sure to unplug any appliances when they are not in use. This will help save energy and minimize the risk of shock or a fire.
  3. Regularly inspect your electrical cords and extension cords for any damage.
  4. You should only use extension cords on a temp basis.
  5. Never plug in a space heater or fan into an extension cord or power cord.
  6. Make sure to never run power cords under rugs, carpet, doors or windows.
  7. Make sure your cords do not become a tripping hazard.
  8. Be sure to keep any papers and other potential combustibles at least 3 feet away from a space heater or any other source of heat.
  9. Make sure your lamps/lighting fixtures have the proper light bulb wattage.
  10. Make sure your home has smoke alarms. Run a test on them monthly; change out the batteries yearly; replace the system every 10 years.

Did you notice an issue or damage that you would like a professional to evaluate? Reach out to us today if you need vendor suggestions.

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