Five Autumn Home Maintenance Must-Do’s!

Prepping for fall? Here are some things you want to be sure you take care of!

  1. Check Your Roof & Gutters
    Clean out your gutters, and while you have your ladder be sure to look at your roof. Keeping an eye out for any damages can help prevent worse issues in the future. It’s probably a good idea to inspect your gutters and roof once or twice a year.
  2. Store Outdoor Furniture & Grills
    To prevent your outdoor living items from being damaged by late fall and winter weather, be sure you have a place to store these items. Make sure you have room for these items in your garage or shed. Give everything a good cleaning before stowing away.
  3. Seal Cracks Around Doors & Windows
    You can easily seal cracks with some caulking. Take this opportunity to check weather strips and windows, too. Making sure these things are sealed will help keep the cold air out and warm air in your home.
  4. Prep Your Garden & Lawn
    Bring herbs inside. Plant bulbs in October after soil has cooled. Take care of trimming bushes and shrubbery. Apply weed killer to your lawn. Check trees for damaged limbs. There is so much you can do for your garden and lawn in the fall to make it even better in the spring.
  5. Home Safety & Maintenance Check
    Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure you have an emergency kit prepped and ready in case it is needed, along with plenty of batteries. Check air filters and your furnace and water heater. Make sure you would have anything you might need for an unexpected emergency (like a flashlight,

What things are you doing to prep for fall? We want to know! Leave us a comment, or visit us on social media.

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