Did Ya Know? Those Creaks That Your House Occasionally Makes…

…Has little to do with it’s age. And nothing to do with a ghost in the attic. Popping and creaking noises in your home can actually be perfectly normal and are caused by a handful of factors.

Weather and temperature change is a huge factor in the creaky noises your home might make. Hot and dry weather makes soil shrink away from your home’s foundation. Rain and flooding causes the soil to expand and apply pressure on the foundation. Managing this can help maintain your foundation. Your home may settle over time and in turn you’ll often hear creaks and pops. The intensity of the settling is determined by the soil quality and weather patterns.

Change in temperature also causes wood to contract and expand. When this occurs wood creates a creaking sound. The changing temperatures are also attributed to sticky door jams or windows. Creaky floorboards are another matter, often the result of loose or improper fasteners holding down warped wood to floor joists.

While there are often quick fixes for some of the creaks you hear, sometimes you need a professional. If you feel you have gotten to that point, reach out to us for a list of recommended vendors!

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