Did Ya Know? The average Real Estate agent closes 12 transactions per year!

Not all agents are the same. Experience can tell you a lot about a Realtor or Team and should always be a deciding factor when you decide to move, or if you are giving out a Realtor’s information to a family member or friend. Read below to see why experience matters.

The Ryan Reynolds Team consistently sells over 100 homes each year. This means we have experience working on over 100 different transactions throughout the year. We have experience dealing with difficult deals, easy deals, strange deals, any kind of deal!

The average agent across the country sells 12 homes per year. This means they only have experience on 12 different types of transactions throughout a calendar year. The average agent does not have as much experience, if any, in handling difficult transactions.

The average agent is typically only working part-time. This means they cannot and do not hold your hand throughout the entire transaction to make sure you are taken care of from day one. The Ryan Reynolds Team not only has agents that work full-time and have a lot of experience, we also have a world-class Operations staff to walk you through the entire purchase or sale process. We make sure the lender, the title company, the other agent, and all parties are on the same page throughout the entire transaction, from start to finish. This is not the experience the average agent provides.

So when you are thinking of buying or selling a home, please call the Ryan Reynolds Team. Give us a chance to show you how we make every client a part of the RRT Family from day one. If you have any family members or friends looking to buy or sell a home, we’d love the opportunity to earn their business, too.

No matter the reason, the Ryan Reynolds Team is here to help you with any move you need to make. Call us today and we will come up a plan that works best for you!

Ryan Reynolds Team, LLC : Unlimited Opportunities, Exceptional Experiences


(614) 726-6971

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