Homeowner Tip – Reseal The Deck

Are you looking forward to enjoying time outside on your deck this summer? It may also be time to start thinking about resealing your deck.

If your deck is stained to show off the wood’s natural beauty and you are thinking it is time for some summer maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. Resealing your deck once a year is a good rule to follow depending on the deck’s condition. You just never want to go more than three years before resealing or restaining.

To start, you want to make sure the weather will be sunny and warm for a period of days (2-4 days is optimal). Then you can start to clean the deck off – take off any patio furniture or grills, then remove any leaves or debris and sweep away dirt. Next you will want to thoroughly sand any areas that seem cracked or splintered. Once your deck is nice and splinter free, you should wet down the entire surface with water to rinse (your garden hose will suffice).

You will now want to clean the deck with a good cleanser that fits your deck’s needs. It could have become a little sun-bleached since the last time you sealed it, so try to pick a cleanser with a brightening agent. Be sure to apply the cleanser according to the product’s instructions! Next, pressure wash and let your deck dry.

Now that your deck is completely dry after being cleaned, you can start sealing. Apply your sealant or chosen finish, starting with a paintbrush to “edge”, then a paint roller attached to an extension pole to help keep your color and coats even. Pro-Tip: Wait until later in the day or when the deck may be covered with shade to ensure an even drying period. Let the deck dry before enjoying it. Once dried, you can put your furniture and grill back in place and start celebrating summer!

Don’t have the time to seal your deck for the summer? We can help – Reach out to us today to get a list of our recommended vendors!

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