Homeowner Tip – August Yard Maintenance

As September quickly approaches, we wanted to share some tips on maintaining and prepping your yard for cooler weather. Being proactive with your yard maintenance will help it be even more beautiful the next year. Read more below!

Something that comes to mind when thinking of yard maintenance is grass. August is the perfect time to fertilize your yard. Feeding the yard now will help to guarantee a better looking yard in May! Nitrogen based fertilizers will help the grass to continue to grow.

If this August is particularly dry, think about watering your lawn more often. It is a good idea to water your lawn two to four times per week. When watering grass (or grass seed), be sure you are doing so in the early morning or late evening.

Has your grass become patchy in places over the course of your summer? As soon as the heat breaks, it may be a good idea to repair any patchy areas in your yard and plant some grass seed. The key is overseeding – but wait until the August heat is done.

Raking will also benefit your lawn – be sure to rake often once leaves start to fall. A well raked yard will prevent soggy moisture which can lead to mushrooms or thatch. Leaves can also block sunlight from reaching your grass. It is probably a good idea to rake once a week.

When you notice weeds, pull them! Large weeds will steal the moisture from your grass. Pull them when you see them to keep your grass hydrated during hot August days, and be sure you are getting the weed’s roots, too.

Another task you may want on your list is pest control. If you notice any pests, take care of them now to prevent issues in the winter. Some insects that live in your lawn can make their way inside during cooler months.

Do you have a garden you want to maintain through August? Be sure you are watering your plants in the early morning to ensure they are hydrated during hot days. You can also start dividing and transplanting perennials after they have bloomed. Prune any climbing plants before growth hardens and continue deadheading any plants that need it.

Looking to hire a lawn professional but don’t know where to begin? Reach out to us today and we will help you find a great lawn care specialist!

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