Community Spotlight: The Strand Theatre – Delaware, OH

Have you been waiting to see a new release on the BIG screen? Looking to host a community event? Check out The Strand Theatre, located at 28 E Winter Street in downtown Delaware, Ohio.

The Strand opened their doors in April of 1916, making them the 10th longest operating movie theater in the United States!

In 2010, The Strand announced their plans for a renovation to include digital projectors and more movie screens. This icon in the heart of downtown Delaware continued showing 35MM films until 2012 when they went to digital.

Outside the theatre you will notice a series of stars – each plaque is reflective of the donors that made renovations possible.

The Strand celebrated 100 years of continuous operation in 2016 and the theatre is presently still running as a non-profit.

Recently awarded with a certificate of excellence for their innovation in 2020 during the pandemic – offering curbside popcorn, movie streaming at home and marquee rentals. Continued service for 105 years in Delaware, Ohio!

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