Tenant Tip – 6 Things Every Tenant Needs

Attention, Landlords – This one’s for you! We’re here with a new Tenant Tip. Keep reading for 6 things every tenant needs.

  1. Plunger – Providing two types of plungers to your tenants can save everyone time and hassle. A sink plunger is the normal orange/tan colored with a cupped designed to plunge kitchen and bathroom sinks. A flange plunger, has an inner cuff that provides a tighter seal on toilets. These are cheap supplies that can be provided upon move- in. With limited instruction, most drains will unclog without hassle.
  2. Batteries – While they may seem small, batteries make a big difference. During move-ins and move-outs, it’s hard to keep track of all the miscellanea that most people keep in a junk drawer. From thermostats to smoke/ CO2 detectors, batteries will need replaced at least every 8 months to 1 year. It is always a best practice to check smoke detectors and thermostats for proper function and power.
  3. Zip Strip/ Auger – For the more involved clogs, it is best to equip yourself with the most useful tools. A plunger can only do so much depending on what is causing a clog. Using a zip strip (long, usually a yellow plastic stick with loop on the end and hooks along the sides) works wonders when unclogging shower and bathroom sink drains. Furthermore, an auger can be used on toilets, bathtub over flows and most plumbing clean out vents. Having these tools will save loads of time and money rather than outsourcing.
  4. Contact Sheet – Directing questions and organizing schedules can become troublesome, especially when more than 2 parties are involved. Providing a list of important contact numbers i.e. emergency numbers (police, fire), HVAC contractor number, Plumbing contractor number as well as a list of utility companies and their contact numbers for your area, will keep everyone on the same page and eliminate the need for relaying important information.
  5. ABC Fire Extinguisher – ABC Fire Extinguishers are rated for all types of combustibles found in a household. It is your duty to have proper fire suppression. Lack of proper provisions and proper detection can lead to very costly and potentially damaging consequences.
  6. Light Bulbs – Providing light bulbs further helps eliminate the potential for risks. Providing light bulbs stored within the garage or kitchen can allow for residents to remedy potential tripping hazards due to lack of lighting.

If you need help in the form of any kind, as a tenant or investment owner, please reach out to Phil at Ryan Reynolds Team Property Management. We strive to help others with any issues they may experience while renting or managing an investment property. We have an extensive network that can benefit.

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