Managing Your Investment – Why Choose Ryan Reynolds Team Property Management

Did you know that the Ryan Reynolds Team has a Property Management Division? We’re here to share why you should choose us for your property management needs!

Ryan Reynolds Team has recently developed a Property Management Division concentrating our management services in Delaware, Ohio! Our goal is to become Central Ohio’s Premier Property Manager by delivering unlimited opportunities with exceptional experiences. To accomplish this goal we have developed relationships with vendors and tenants to provide everything an investment owner will need.

Our priority when managing property investments is communication. We will communicate all the details between vendors, tenants and owners to keep your investment home in top condition! R.R.T.P.M. will organize and schedule all the planned maintenance for your properties. As well as, performing capital improvement projects as needed! We pride ourselves on keep you informed on your properties condition by performing semi- annual inspections. This provides invaluable piece of mind for any property investor.

If you need help in the form of any kind, as a tenant or investment owner regardless of your area, please reach out to Phil at Ryan Reynolds Team Property Management. We strive to help others with any issues they may experience while renting or managing an investment property. We have an extensive network that can benefit everyone!

Ryan Reynolds Team, LLC : Unlimited Opportunities, Exceptional Experiences or

(614) 726-6971 or (614) 289-8982

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