Homeowner Tip – Holiday Light Safety

The holiday season is setting in, and you’re probably thinking of getting the house ready with decorations. Have you thought about holiday light safety? Here are some tips you may find useful.

  1. Always start by testing your lights. Replace any broken or missing bulbs and discard any damaged cords.
  2. Only use three light strands per outlet – You want to be careful to not overpower your outlets or cause a fire. Also check that your lights have the Underwriters Laboratories label.
  3. Don’t connect light strands to power until you are finished prepping and adjusting your tree. You should connect the strands together prior to hanging, then once in place you can connect to power.
  4. Use the appropriate outdoor lights – Indoor and outdoor lights cannot be interchanged. Always check the label and make sure you are purchasing the correct lights for indoor or outdoor use. Also, make sure outdoor lights are securely fastened.
  5. Don’t use staples or tacks to hold extension cords or other electrical wiring. The metal creates a circuit that generates heat, which in turn can cause a fire.
  6. Check your tree’s label or packaging to ensure it is flame resistant.
  7. LED lights use less energy than traditional lights, and they last longer!
  8. Always unplug your holiday lights before leaving your house or going to bed, or buy a timer so the lights come one once it is dark and turn off once you go to bed.

Remember – holiday lights and Christmas trees are the leading cause of house fires during the holiday season. Be sure you are being safe and smart when decorating.

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