Tenant Tip – How To Deal With Snow

This month’s Tenant Tip: Winter is coming, and you’re probably thinking of snowy weather and how to deal with it. We’re here to help you deal with it!

All property investment owners should be very cautious when considering how they provide snow removal services. Due to the unpredictability of weather conditions, it is hard to promise your ability or a contractors ability to efficiently travel to your property location. This could lead to liability due to a failure of removing the snow/ice as designated in the lease. A good alternate plan is to provide snow and ice melt to your properties and keep them stored in a cool dry area to avoid clumping of ice melt in the off seasons. Furthermore, it would be a best practice to detail in your lease agreement that snow/ice removal will be the responsibility of the tenant, regardless of what you decided to provide to your tenant.

If you need help in the form of any kind, as a tenant or investment owner, please reach out to Phil at Ryan Reynolds Team Property Management. We strive to help others with issues they may experience while renting or managing an investment property. We have an extensive network that can benefit.

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