Local Things To Do – April Edition

Spring is here! Check out our list of happenings around Columbus for the month of April. What are you doing to get out and about this month?

Schottenstein Center – Check out the events/concerts coming this month.

Easter Egg Hunt – The Columbus Dispatch has provided a list of Easter Egg hunts and other Easter events in the Greater Columbus area.

Mohican Wildlife – A wildlife weekend to experience the great outdoors, fly-fishing and much more!

Ohioana Book Festival – Celebrating Ohio Literature. Bringing over 100 authors together – giving readers the opportunity to connect with their favorite!

Skate Zone 71 – Looking for something fun to do when the weather is cold – Skate Zone is a great way to stay active!

Have some fun things planned for the month of April and want to share your ideas? We love finding new activities to do in and around Columbus, as well as learning about Ohio day trips everyone can enjoy! Leave a comment, or DM us on Facebook or Instagram!

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