Tenant Tip – Communication is Key

This month’s Tenant Tip: Our property management team has a few great tips to ease stress when it comes to communication with tenants.

Try these tips to ensure clear lines of communication:

  1. Meet with the tenant at least 3 times prior to their move-in date to set expectations.
  2. Advocate communication. Tenants want to let you know when things happen but it may be unclear about the preferred method of contact. If an emergency maintenance issue should occur, always have the tenant call you directly.
  3. After the move-in, call your new tenant at least once a week to ensure there were no issues with the move-in and to establish preferred communication methods.

These 3 tips are a fraction of what you can do as a landlord to ensure everyone is enjoying their renting experience. RRT PM strives for being direct communicators with a hands-on approach. If you ever find yourself in a property management situation and aren’t exactly sure what to do next, do not hesitate to reach out to Phil at 614-289-8982 or email pm@ryanreynoldsteam.com.

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