Tenant Tip – Gutter Maintenance

This month’s Tenant Tip: The importance of gutter cleaning.

Fall is in the air, as evidenced by crisp temperatures and the leaves showing signs of change. Although the colorful hues on the tree are lovely to look at, once they fall they can wreak havoc on a home’s drainage system.  Clogged gutters, caused by a build-up of debris, can hamper effective rainwater drainage and long term can cause expensive and preventable damage to the property.  It is important to properly maintain all drainage systems by keeping gutters free from all obstructions, to ensure the free movement of water into the downpipe.

Ryan Reynolds Team Property Management will be scheduling gutter cleanings for residences in need beginning in November. We are here to facilitate this process for our property investment owners from start to finish in conjunction with a dependable and efficient local contractor. Let’s get ahead of any irreversible interior or exterior damage by ensuring an annual gutter cleaning is complete! Call us at 614-289-8982 or email pm@ryanreynoldsteam.com.

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