Tenant Tip – Routine Inspections

It is important to conduct routine inspections of your rental property. Here is some insight on
why and when:

Routine rental inspections are an essential part of the rental process for both you, as an owner, and your tenants.  Inspections allow the tenant to alert RRTPM to any issues they may be having so that the concern is fixed, while also identifying any necessary maintenance that will need to be done in the future. When RRTPM puts our eyes on both the exterior and interior of your property, it helps to protect your investment, keep the unit rentable, and also ensure we keep your renters safe.
There are four specific times that inspections should be conducted to create a regular schedule. These include tenants move in, tenants move out, maintenance checks, and new tenants discovered. If there are any additional necessary times to enter, we will serve your tenants with 24-hour notice prior to going inside. The posted notice will include the reason for entering and a time range that the inspection will occur. By doing so, we will make sure your tenants’ legal rights are not violated. Performing these routine inspections is vital to us helping you maintain your investment property to the highest standards.

RTTPM appreciates the opportunity to assist you in achieving those standards and is here to help property owners in any way. Please reach out to Phil at 614-289- 8982 or pm@ryanreynoldsteam.com to discuss your next scheduled inspection!

Ryan Reynolds Team, LLC : Unlimited Opportunities, Exceptional Experiences
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