Community Spotlight: Smudz Insurance Group

Check out our November community spotlight as we talk to, Ryanne Kilfian, agency owner of Smudz Insurance Group (SIG) about what you should know and what you should be doing right now with your insurance policy.

Located in Delaware, Ohio – Smudz Insurance Group is an independent, full service insurance agency that can help you find the right insurance for your auto, home, life and business.

There are two very important things you should be looking for in your current insurance policy: Inflation Guard and Water/Sewer Back-Up. You want to look at the cost of what your home is worth in the event of a total loss – making sure the cost to 100% replace your home (with todays labor cost) matches your dwelling coverage. Inflation Guard does an auto increase on your dwelling coverage. With Water/Sewer Back-Up, this provides coverage should you have standing water in your home or a sump-pump failure. These are both endorsements on your insurance policy. If you have not looked at your home insurance policy in a while, now is the time.

To get more information you can contact Smudz Insurance Group at 614-305-5191 or check out their website.

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