Homeowner Tip – Dryer Vents

With the New Year upon us, it is time to look at that long list of home to-dos. First up: check your dryer vent! A build up of dirt and lint not only clogs the dryer’s performance but it could be a fire hazard. Below are steps we compiled from Angi’s List to give your dryer and dryer vent a safety inspection. Be sure to add this to your yearly to-do list.

  1. Look for common warning signs
    • Large amounts of lint sticking to your clothes
    • Clothes are taking longer to dry
  2. Inspect and clean your dryer lint trap
    • Check and clean the dryer lint trap after every load of laundry. You can remove the lint by hand or with the hose attachment on your vacuum
  3. Examine and clean the dryer exhaust vent
    • If you have an electric dryer, below are steps to clean
      • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet
      • Locate the duct and gently remove the wall duct from the exhaust vent
      • Very carefully move your dryer away from the wall
      • Inspect the exhaust vent for lint, dirt, etc
      • Use a vent cleaning kit or the hose attachment on your vacuum
    • If you have a gas-powered dryer – do not tamper with the gas line. The hose should be securely attached at all times and this may mean that you can’t move or get behind your dryer to clean the vent. In this case, bring in a professional vent cleaning company/service.
  4. Clean the wall duct
    • The wall duct is the what connects your dryer to the vent outside your home
    • With the dryer duct disconnected from your dryer and still pulled away from the wall
      • Examine inside and around the wall duct for lint and any other blockages
      • Use a vent cleaning kit or the hose attachment on your vacuum to clean
      • Check for damage (splits or cracks). If you have damage or any type of block you can not take care of on your own, reach out to a professional cleaning company/service
      • Seal any holes with aluminum tape
      • Put the dryer back in place and reattach the dryer to the wall
  5. Examine and clean your home exterior exhaust vent
    • Check the vent cap for any damage
    • Remove the vent cap and examine the exhaust duct for any blocks, build-up and any visible damage
    • Use a vent cleaning kit or the hose attachment on your vacuum to clean
    • Attach the vent cap and make sure it is secure to the exterior wall
  6. Test run your dryer
    • Once you have cleaned your dryer and the vents, make sure everything is in working order. Run your dryer on a cycle, then go outside to the exhaust vent to make sure you can feel air exiting your home. If you are still having an issue, it’s time to call a professional.

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