Community Spotlight: SimpleNest Staging

Check out our January community spotlight as we talk with Katie Dunson, Design and Marketing Coordinator for SimpleNest Staging about the benefits of having your home staged.

SimpleNest Staging believes that each home is unique and should be styled that way. Their team of experts will help make your home universally appealing to get the most buyers into your home. It is all about the first impression and getting buyers to be emotionally invested. Some of the benefits of staging your home:

  • Staged homes help tell a story and make it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home
  • Staged homes see an average of 5-15% more than a non-staged home sale price
  • Sellers see a staged home sell 50-70% quicker 

Some of the services SimpleNest provides: Vacant Staging, Occupied Staging and Staging Consultations. You will receive a customized staging plan with a quote and then it is on to staging and selling your home!

To get more information, call SimpleNest Staging today at 740-403-1963 or check out their website.

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